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My first involvement with art was when I built an Indian backstrap loom and created scarves for friends and relatives. I was hooked on weaving the minute I put on the loom and as soon as I was enrolled in college I started taking weaving courses.

Once out of school, with an extra bedroom sitting idle in our house, I bought a full five foot loom and started spinning and dyeing my own yarns. Weaving enraptured me, but became unfeasible when I moved into a small apartment, too small for my loom. That's when I first got into water colors and acrylics.

A personal tragedy threw me off psychologically and artistically for many years. It's only recently I've dived back in again. 

Joy and color have reappeared in my life and in my art. There is nothing more fulfilling than standing in front of a large, blank canvas, taking the plunge by laying down some colors and seeing where the flow takes me. And, if the painting has any residual traces of the warp and weft from my weaving days... so much the better.


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